Our heart behind the business

I wanted to share my heart behind why JPtheGeek exists in this short blog post, what I see as the core vision and purpose we serve in our community.

The Beginning

It all started with computer repair in the back of a gaming center, then to small business maintenance and repair, back then it was named JP Computers & Media (I used to do videography, hence the media part). Now we are focused on the needs of businesses with many solutions including managed services, disaster recovery, backup, hosted servers, network & server installation, network security solutions, and more click here for details

What We Stand For

We are here to provide the best services to small businesses that we can to protect them from the harsh technology world. Small businesses are often targets because they often can’t afford the big solutions to keep their business safe. We believe that by providing great solutions at affordable pricing, being honest with them, ensuring that the systems we utilize are actually making a difference, we are helping them carry some of the weight of their business. 

We want to stand with each business that we work with, we like to partner with them. We know that when they succeed, so do we. 

Working With Each Customer

We are constantly changing and learning new skills, the world of technology changes every single day. New threats emerge, new forms of phishing take place, many businesses are attacked or go through a natural disaster, or simply an internal disaster. It is important for us to stay on top of everything that we offer to each client. We mold and remain flexible to each client and their needs, providing what they need at a price that they can afford. We are not ones to sit still and not learn or do new things. Building out solutions for each and every client to fit into exactly what they need is some of our most enjoyable work.


Overall, we exist to serve the client’s needs, to protect the client, and to provide best in class technology services to each one. We see the threats that exist every day from attacks on their data, natural disasters, internal disasters, phishing threats, and so much more (check out this article for more info), we feel that it is imperative to protect and prepare them for what is out there. Small businesses are a major target because simply they are vulnerable. 

We want to help small businesses succeed in their business, have amazing reliability and uptime, be safe in the event that they might need to recover from an event and to have some fun while doing it because this is what we enjoy doing. 

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