Business Data Security

Data security?

We are specifically talking about the security of your Information Technology here. It is critical that you cover every angle of your IT security, with one vulnerability a virus or malware could creep in a put your business at serious risk. You can have the right products and processes in place to prevent a cyber attack on your business, and it is within the reach and budget of your business!

Stats for small business

Does this affect me?

More than 50% of businesses experience some data breach last year according to this Dashlane article. The average cost to recover your business per record lost is $225 per record. This number comes from the fact that you lose customers, have to pay for post-breach response, detection and escalation, and notification. So depending on how many records you have, this could get very expensive. 

According to that poll, 87% of small business owners don’t think that they are at risk but haven’t done anything specifically to prevent such occurrences. Learn to avoid security breaches for your business and implement the proper equipment and processes now.


Do I have your attention?

By implementing a few simple products and processes, you can save your business the headache of an attack on your business. Once the attacker can’t get into your business as quickly as they would like to, they promptly move on to their next target, avoiding a compromise in your data. Implementing the proper equipment to deter an attacker could save your company the headache and potential heartache of a data breach. Here is an excellent article from USA Today on Cyber Threat for Small Businesses

By using a combination of products included in our Total Protection Maintenance Package, you can significantly reduce your risk of your business becoming a victim of a data breach.

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