Employee Vulnerability Assessment

Changing the way we view employee security

Keeping your business safe requires the help of knowledgeable employees. That means they need more than just annual training. 

Written Security Policies

Simulated phishing

Weekly micro trainings

dark web data

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Employee Security Score

Think of it like a FICO score for your employees security standing. Stay in the know of who your weakest link and potential next threat is. 

We found what works, so you don't have to

Interactive leaderboards increase employee engagement, quick and easy weekly training videos keep employees up to date, and quantitative analysis gives you unparalleled employee insight.

Catch Phish

Catch Phish is an email analysis tool designed to educate users on how to positively identify phishing emails with the click of a button. Cyber criminals continue to choose phishing as their attack vector of choice, making a robust phishing program a critical component of every cybersecurity program. Catch Phish brings real-life education and real-time protection where users are most vulnerable - their inbox.


Available right inside your Outlook email platform, Catch Phish makes training frictionless and increases productivity for users! Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Catch Phish is a sophisticated tool that continues to advance as cyber criminals alter and improve their tactics.

Catch Phish


You can use the catch phish tool on mobile as well!

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